Welcome to Mdumbi - mdumbi@mdumbi.co.za; 0834611834; 45 minutes drive North of Coffee Bay

MDUMBI Backpackers and lodge is located on the Wild Coast of South Africa - situated in the once known, independent homeland - called the 'Kingdom of Transkei' -(now incorporated into & known as the Eastern Cape region of South Africa)
This region is the cultural homeland and natural habitat of the Xhosa speaking or Pondo people. Around here, hundreds of years of Xhosa tradition & culture are still alive.

Here you still find people living off the land sustainably, plowing their fields with oxen. Scenes of Old Xhosa women sitting in the late afternoon sun, smoking pipes.
In the heart of this idyllic landscape lies Mdumbi Backpackers overlooking an awesome beach, the perfect spot for a South African, Wild Coast beach holiday experience.
Mdumbi Backpackers was a winner in the 2014 World Responsible Tourism Awards. Read all about why we won...

Winners in the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2014. Read all about why we won…

Mdumbi Backpackers is a community driven incentive - striving to promote broad based community involvement in sustainable eco-tourism. Their affiliated NPO, TransCape - www.transcape.org, is active in the area since 2004.

30% of Mdumbi Backpackers is owned by local employees. 10% of its profits goes to a local community representing legal entity and 9% to TransCape.

Mdumbi keeps our Earth and future generations close to its heart. We are continuously exploring better systems of energy generation, recycling and economical sharing that could contribute to a more natural, equal and fairer Earth.